Top 10 Content Writing Tips For Beginners

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Content Writing Tips for Website - Content Writing Jobs in Kolkata


  1. Make it precise

Always write relevant and to-the-point content. Try to frame your points in a compressed way. A precise and meaningful content is attractive and makes viewers giving a look at it within the crowd. Always start your topic with the conclusion as it shows the brief of your entire talk. Start with the subject and give detailed understanding on later basis.

  1. Mind the word limit

Keeping the word limit in mind is very important for best content writing service. For a website content minimum 300 words to maximum 500 or 600 words are enough. For online readers more than 600 words are too much to consume at a time.

  1. Ignore lengthy paragraphs

Lengthy paragraphs are not at all welcome when it comes to writing content for websites. Place single idea in a single paragraph so that people can easily scan the main idea from a particular paragraph. You can also replace paragraphs with lists as it becomes briefer and people can keep it in mind for a long time. In Statistics we have found that a human can remember 8 to 10 things at a time so you should limit the list items to maximum 10  words. It makes the reader memorizing it easily.

  1. Use short sentences

Use short and simple sentences. Only use the necessary words to convey your opinion. Avoid hard and complicated words as they makes the readers confuse and sometimes mislead them in understanding your main concept. With short sentences it becomes easier for the readers to read the content through Smartphone, mobiles etc. They get the entire sentence in a single place. They don’t have to scroll up and down to get it totally. So, avoid increasing the sentence with comma(s) semicolon(s) etc. You can use  free online software tool to calculates readability test.

  1. Use subheadings

You can use sub headings. It will make the content sharp with decorum. It makes the text more scan-able. It gives the reader a brief idea of the topic written below the heading and if someone is already aware with the topic then they can move to other section of the content without wasting time. It grabs the reader’s attention towards your concern with their valuable time and they appreciate it by giving positive responses.

Content Writing Techniques For Beginners SEO - Content Writing Agency in Kolkata India

  1. Write scan able stuff

Writing scan able stuff is mandatory. If your content is not well scan able there is no point in writing for a website. Everyone is busy in this busy world no one has that time to read on detail what you are providing. Everyone gives a quick scan to your writing. It is your duty to provide key point which can highlight your entire topic. As I have said before write easy words.

  1. Keep limitation on quoting something

It happens sometime that while writing something we goes on revising some other content on the same topic. When we come across something essential we quote that point in our writing. When it is done in minimum level it is healthy but quoting or so called copying something in detail from other work is a very negative thing. Do not do it excessively as it decreases goodwill.

  1. Use different tools and app

There are many tools and apps available to improve your writing standard. You can use any of them to better your writing capability. Hemingway App is very popular in this context and in a vogue these days.

  1. Use as many links and keywords possible

Use useful links to your content as it gives people an option to know more about your topic. Using keywords are also preferable as it is essential for SEO and ranking.

  1. Give a proofread

Typing or spelling error is highly effective for driving people away from your content. Always give check before concluding on it. Make sure everything you have written is grammatically corrected. You can also check your spelling and grammatical error by using many popular free online grammar and spell check tools.

Here are 10 Content Writing Tips for beginners. If you have any questions about good Content Writing then feel free to contact us!

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